Tuesday, April 5

Remembering Pope John Paul II

I've been terribly busy lately, lots of exams and compositions to correct, I'm attending a computing course in the afternoons and evenings and I'm also engaged doing my family tree so I haven't been able to write even a line for a week.
Pope John Paul II has died and I'd like to pay my respects to one of the longest-reigning leaders of the Roman Catholic Church. A great personality (a huge one for Catholics) in the XXth century for peace and justice.
He has been brave facing up to USA and other world leaders because of the Iraqi war, and he has tried to establish links with other religions in the world. But in spite of this I feel he should have been even braver, he should have broken with the historical Church position on women discrimination, why not a woman priest, bishop, cardinal or even pope? We are capable the same as men. Not to mention other issues as his conservative stand on contraception, opposing the use of condom to protect against AIDS .

But now all my thoughts are on the man who made more than 100 overseas trips, who blessed the crowds in St Peter's Square and whose windows are now closed and shuttered,and whose appartment is sealed until his successor moves in. I'd like to honour this man who loved everybody.

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