Saturday, November 20

Stererotyped Maps

A few months ago we (our school) finished a Comenius Program about how to deal with stererotypes and prejudices. Schools from Poland, Turkey, Italy and Spain presented our own cultural characteristics and made very enriching multicultural meetings in all the participant countries.We discovered that the perception we had about each nationality was not very accurated, we are not so diverse as we previously thought.
But, lo and behold I have recently come across these witty hilarious maps, featured in the Daily Mail, about stereotypes and they show different perspectives according to the country which is portraying its view.

Enjoy them, they are really worth it. You can see a lot more here .
(click on the maps to enlarge them).

The World seen by the USA

Europe seen by the USA

Europe seen by the Vatican

Europe seen by Italians

Europe seen by the Germans

Europe seen by the French

Europe seen by the British