Wednesday, November 21

Blue Eyes


Mesmerized by your eyes
first time we met
Tender blue eyes
the colour of the calm ocean
in the midst of dusk
with a lovely glint
of mischievous childish joy.
Blue eyes, dancing in the moonlight
last night we were together
Mysterious blue eyes
iluminating the dark sky
on a cool summer night
when your manly confident stare
never tried to connect mine.
Brilliant blue eyes
dancing in the moonlight
and though dancing together
you would never try
in my memory forever
will stay embedded your eyes
God, I will miss them
those gorgeous blue eyes.
Deep blue eyes
flickering in deep thought
of us together again
on a cool autumn day
Sweet blue eyes
Shimmering in the morning
we both know where
our friendship is right now
and that is the greatest beauty
of your magical blue eyes.