Wednesday, March 9

Yesterday it was International Women's Day, and in order to celebrate it I prepared a different lesson for my students, I tried to get them involved in activities related to the topic which kept them busy, as well as entertained while practising English.
At lower levels, it just consisted in an end-of-the class activity. The students had to complete a table with different household chores saying who and how often they did them (always, usually, sometimes, never...). Then compared and discussed with a partner.
This activity not only encouraged them to learn vocabulary about housework (sweep/mop the floor, make the bed, wash the dishes, cook, clean the bathroom, iron, go to the supermarket, lay/clear the table, take out rubbish, dust the furniture...) but it helped them to value the importance of the housework, avoid the sexism in personal attitudes and prepared them to share the housework at home.
At higher levels the activity consisted in a "Matching Dictation" about the topic: male versus female?.
I asked my students to form groups of six people (three+three). I sticked the text onto different papers on a wall of the classroom and on the opposite wall the sentences they had to match.
One of the students in each group of three became the spokesperson and dictated the text to the rest of the group who wrote it down on a piece of paper. Meanwhile another student in the other group of three dictated the text on the opposite wall.
When they finished the dictation they matched both texts. The winner was the group who finished first, I awarded them with a positive mark.
The process was a little noisy but it was worthwhile, and in the end, should students be silent in a language classroom?
Here are the dictation texts:
1.- 1 Women have many faults, men have only two...
2 An Englishman's home is his CASTLE...
3 If men got pregnant...
4 Marriage is a GAMBLE...
5 It starts when you sink into his arms and ends...
6 To be successful at anything a woman has to be twice as good as men...
7 WOMEN who seek equality with men...
8 An employed WIFE gets to jobs ...

2.- a .... lack ambition.
b .... so let them clean it.
c .... for the price of one.
d .... abortion would be a sacrament.
e .... luckily, this is not difficult.
f .... with your arms in his sink.
g .... everything they say and everything they do.
h .... heads he wins, tails you lose.

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