Sunday, November 1

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" is an evocative beautiful folk song. It was written by Pete Seeger inspired by a poem in a Russian Mikhail Sholojov's novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".
This anti-war song reflects the senseless of dying in battle. It's rethorical "Where?" falls in the uby sunt tradition, a meditation on mortality and life's transcience.
There are many versions of this song in different languages. I only will mention the one performed by Marlene Dietrich in French, English and German and the ones by Joan Baez and Pete Seeger.
Enjoy this lovely song!

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Ñoco Le Bolo said...

• looking a bluish rose…

A beautiful and sad song. We should remember a lot of wars... but we repeat the history from time to time. A pity!

• HHK / CR & LMA

Uxi said...

Wow! This IS a blog! Very classy. I love it all. The music is big time.I visited earlier but I was starving and did't leave a commet.I'm adding you as a link for future uses in the classroom.
See you.