Sunday, November 8

Today Berliners celebrate the Fall of the Wall with major celebrations on this 20th anniversary of the Wall's collapse, after nearly three decades - between 1961 and 1989 (28 years) - keeping East and West Berliners apart.
The opening of the Berlin Wall was preceded by a series of events in East Germany such as Mass demonstrations against the Government and the system beginning at the end of September and took until November 1989.
The World has changed since that Wednesday 9th November 1989; the comunism collapsed, the Soviet Empire imploded and Berliners were reunited in 1990.
Here are some data of the Wall:
Total lenght: 155Km.
In Berlin: 43,1km.
Concrete wall: 107,3km.
Guard dogs: 600
watch towers: 302
Bunkers: 22
Border guards: 14,000
Arrested people: 3221
Successful flights: 5,043
Dead people trying to scape: 239 or 800 (depending on the source)
Dead policemen and soldiers: 27
Grafitty at the Wall (" Some time, every wall will fall")

People tried to escape by means of different methods; they used the sewage system, tunnels, hiding places in cars, fake passports, light aircrafts and event balloons.

Pity not to be at the Branderburg Gate today celebrating this special anniversary. Congrats Berliners!!

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Ñoco Le Bolo said...

• looking a bluish rose…

Congrats, of course, but right now there are a lot of new walls.
The worst, the walls inside us.

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