Sunday, May 29

Last Thursday Carlos Núñez, the worldwide famous Galician bagpipe player, visited our school IES Val do Tea. Needless to say it was a great event for everybody but mainly for students.

They were looking forward to it eagerly and they had prepared a welcome poster and some projects about him.

He did not disappoint anybody. He offered us all his best in two sessions with our school auditorium overflowed with students.
He gave an interesting talk about the musical and linguistic links between Brazil and Galicia showing us an outstanding video recorded while he was preparing his last album “Alborada do Brasil”. He answered lots of student questions, played the flute beautifully for them and finally he signed some “Alborada do Brasil” CDs that the school had previously drawn among students.

He also gave a signed poster to IES Val do Tea.
Our students from the school choir and the bagpipe and muñeira dance group delighted us with their performances.
It was a memorable and unforgettable day for our students and I’d like to highly appreciate the great effort Carlos Núñez did to be with us.
Thanks a lot!

And now, enjoy the video recorded live at IES Val do Tea. (Pity, it is not a good quality, as he deserves)

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ñOCO Le bOLO said...

· Tuvo que ser fantástico. Todo un lujo el poder contar con el mejor piper/gaiteiro de galicia, por ende, de España, y de lo mejor del mundo entero. Felicidades por la gestión.