Wednesday, March 3

Happy 5th blog birthday!

Yep, I started Bits and Bobs five years ago today. Five years and I still feel I'm learning what this blogging thing is all about.
To be fair, my dear humble blog is not as prolific as some blogs and posting has been rather sporadic and I did take some long breaks in there. It has 122 posts now and it has changed a lot since it was started mainly in appearance.
For those of you reading me and for the kind commenters, thank you for all your support and enthusiasm. It's encouraging to get feedback about what I write. Thanks a lot and a big hug.

2 comentarios:

Uxi said...

Congratulations! Happy blog birthday to you!
5 YEARS already! WOW!
Are blogs years like dogs years?
How much would it be in human years?

Ñoco Le Bolo said...

I though your blog was younger. It's amazing. 122 posts... I read the most. Sure I am your first follover. I will for good.


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