Tuesday, October 20

Suntory blue rose Applause

Today the first 100% blue rose has come out in Tokyo, Japan.

Suntory Holdings has shown the flowers that are said to be the world's first roses with nearly 100 per cent blue pigments in the petals.

It has taken 20 years to grow these blue roses and they will be sold in major cities in Japan starting November 3rd (Bunka day) at about €20 each.

"Suntory blue rose Applause" have a bluish tinge remembering the sky just after dawn and they possess an elegant, alluring fresh fragance.

So, with a unique coloring and fragance, they will create an exquisite relaxed atmosphere and they will make a memorable gift for any special occasion.

The name "Applause" was chosen to congratulate those who have fulfilled a dream and to encourage those who have worked conscientiously towards this goal. In Japanese "applause" rhymes with rose.

It's a dream fulfilled because it seemed impossible to obtain blue roses since they lack the blue pigment delphinidin but it has been proved once again that working hard and pursuing one goal can culminate in a great success.

Congrats to Suntory Holdings for this challenging success. No doubt "Applause blue roses" will be my favourite ones from now on, as I love blue colour and roses.

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Ñoco Le Bolo said...

• con la mirada atenta…

• I need, I want a bluish rose... for you.
Yeah, Blue is your colour and blue is your rose.


Xurxo said...

VEry nice your new blog. It's great. Kisses

Marina said...

Sin duda.

Love forever.

Million Kisses... o más.

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Ethan Smith said...
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