Monday, September 14

You. Are. Great.

"Validation", Kurt Kuenne's short film, is a tiny little masterpiece, remarkably simple, turning on the premise: what if parking validations aren't just about getting free parking but also validations of your existence?
In this 16-minute fable, a parking attendant gives his customers more than just free parking, he also gives compliments to everyone by telling them their good features.
You are hooked from the initial sweep when gentle Hugh Newman starts "validating" a "customer": "You've got powerful features, man, anyone ever tell you that? Listen, you look a little down... someday people are going to see you for who you really are. You. are. Great."
So, stop what you are doing and devote the next 16 minutes of your life to this magical short, "Validation". Sure you will smile.

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Marina said...

Mon Dieu ¿Eres tú? ¿es tu blog? No puedo comentarte nada, me voy a llorar un rato.
¡¡Estoy impresionada!!

Por cierto, my Bell, You are very beatiful. C'est a dire; tres, tres belle et coquine.

(No te preocupes, ultimamente lloro con facilidad, lo cual no es ni malo ni bueno)
Love You et Je t'adore

Marina said...

¿Sabes que tienes una música preciosa? mucho mejor que la de ese Ñoco que anda por aquí a veces... bueno él tiene alguna cosa que tb se puede escuchar.
L.Y. Cherie.

Ñoco Le Bolo said...


What can I say? It's too long, too long and my English is awful.

... HHK CR & LMA