Sunday, June 14

A true story

This is a true story it happened to me two years ago.
One winter afternoon, I was walking with my mother in law when it suddenly started to rain quite heavily. As it was also cold we decided to go to the bus station where we could sit down for a while and she could talk to other old people who also went there when the weather was unpleasant.
As I would need to spent there some time I bought a magazine and a packet of chocolate biscuits (my favourites). We sat down on some armchairs in the open waiting room of the station and I started to read.
Beside the armchair where the packet of biscuits lay, an old woman sat down in the next seat, she greeted me and then started to talk to the other ladies there.
When I took out the first biscuit, the woman took one also. I was surprised but said nothing.
For each biscuit I took, the woman took one too.
When only one biscuit remained, the woman, taking the last biscuit, divided it into half, giving me one half. I felt happy of sharing my biscuits with her.
Then she said she had to go, took her things and said goodbye.
Some minutes later, I looked into my bag to take my glasses and to my surprise my packet of chocolate biscuits was there, untouched, unopened.
I felt so amazed and ashamed!
I had forgotten that my biscuits were kept in my bag.
The old woman had shared her biscuits with me and even had divided her last one without feeling irritated or angered by my behaviour.
And now there was no chance to explain myself... nor to apologize.
I had a strange impression of desolation that evening and I felt unhappy and unsatisfying.

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Ñoco Le Bolo said...

Really? Did it happen to you? It is a nice story about generosity. It makes us to think about our behaviors.
And, of course, nice song for your post.



Marina said...

Pues esas galletas tienen muy buena pinta, sobre todo ahora que estoy a dieta rigurosa (joer, si vieras lo serio que se ha puesto Arturo con eso) ¡ y yo sin cenar!
Prometo volver de día y meter todo esto en mi traductor para saber (bueno, más bien adivinar), lo que cuentas (Lo de aprender inglés.... más adelante)

Miles y miles y cienes ycienes de besos